Jewish prayer and worship rests on a foundation of music. As far back as the Temple in Jerusalem, music and prayer were interwoven into the ritual life of Judaism. And though some music and traditions have changed with the modern ear, our musical foundations are still heard within our Temple walls.

Congregation Sha’arai Shomayim has a rich history of music in our services and temple life: hosting composers, professional musicians, and community through our congregation and its musical leaders. Throughout the year, The Temple makes regular use of our Steinway piano and other instruments, such as our organ, guitar, woodwinds and strings. We sing and hear a variety of Jewish music from trope melodies to contemporary, hoping to provide a sense of comfort, joy, mediation, meeting, and prayer throughout our services. We seek to broaden our experience of liturgical music by incorporating numerous musical traditions across the spectrum of Jewish music. Music for Friday night services is led by a cantorial soloist and piano with some evenings featuring duets, composer showcases, as well as other instruments and voices.

If you would like to learn more about our music and the ways it is celebrated in The Temple community, please contact us for more information to discuss ways in which you can become more involved musically.

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