Adult Education Learn & Grow

The Adult Education Committee is committed to formulate interesting and compelling ideas for programming. This committee has and is attempting to coordinate educational opportunities for the membership to get together, in person or via Zoom, to hear from individuals with a wide range of topics of interest to all.

In the past our programs have included hearing from a diverse array of individuals, not limited to: Dr. Bernard Eichold, Mobile County Health Officer, who spoke about Covid; Dr. David Meola, Chairman of Jewish Studies at the University of South Alabama, who spoke about the Reform Judaism movement in the 19th Century; Allan J. Hall, Esq., a Holocaust survivor, who spoke about his experiences as a child; Michael Craig Palmer on “Eric Medelsohn: Synagogue Architect with a Vision,”; Prof. Michael J. Gerhardt , a prominent constitutional scholar, on “Why U.S. Supreme Court Confirmation Battles Are Worthwhile”, and Dr. David Meola, once more, who presented on the cultural significance of coffee in Jewish life.

We hope you can join us at an event in the future.

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