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Our Story

Springhill Avenue Temple is the oldest Jewish congregation in the state of Alabama. Chartered on January 15, 1844, the early congregation consisted of fifty-two families who held services in private homes conducted by laymen. The Temple was legally named Sha’arai Shomayim u-Maskil el Dol, Gates of Heaven and Society of the Friends of the Needy. Within the walls of our beautifully designed building, our congregants may truly enjoy worship, prayer, study, assembly, and programming.

Join Us For Worship

Attend Service Friday and Saturdays. Attend in-person or via Zoom. Zoom password is required.

Friday Shabbat: Every Friday at 6:00 p.m. followed by an oneg.
Saturday Shabbat: The first Saturday of the Month at 10:30 a.m.

Books stand on shelves on benches in synagogue